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Les fantasmes de mon epouse
My wifes fantasies

Paris is undoubtedly the capital of love and pleasure … of all pleasures. These couples have decided to go beyond their own limits and give free rein to all their fantasies. Until now, they had never dared to try to invite a third partner in their passionate antics. It is now done and one thing is certain, these new experiences will not be the last.

Avi Love and Ricky Mancini are very much in love but the pretty brunette has desires that her husband is ready to satisfy at all costs. Tonight, the couple have a date with Kristof Cale, a stranger they have chosen on the internet. Very excited about being caught by a man in front of Ricky’s eyes, Avi is no less nervous. To relax and reassure her, Ricky inserts an anal plug, to the delight of his partner. After chatting in a public place to get to know Kristof, the couple take him home. Without foreplay, Avi begins to suck him in the living room before Ricky joins them. The look of the young woman is enough to convey the pleasure and excitement she feels at this moment. Then follows a passionate threesome sex session during which Avi will taste the joys of sodomy before letting her two partners enjoy on the chest offered.

Vika Lita and Luke Hardy love games of pleasure and submission. Tonight, they are just waiting for the arrival of their guest, the pretty redhead Jia Lissa to get down to business. After blindfolding his partner and handcuffing him, the young man lets Jia take charge. Excited by the caresses and the languid kisses between the two women, it takes only a few moments to join them and thus realize one of the most exciting fantasies of Vika: a threesome that the couple will remember for a long time.

Today, Tiffany Leiddi is walking in the forest with Maximo Garcia. What she doesn’t know is that the handsome Spaniard has a very special surprise in store for her. However, she should have suspected something when he asked her to dress sexy to go into the woods. At a bend in the road the couple meet Ricky. To Tiffany’s surprise, the two men seem to know each other. She quickly realizes that Maximo has organized everything to fulfill his biggest fantasy: being sodomized by a stranger while he is looking at her. After a few caresses and a fellatio which she has the secret, Tiffany has only one thing to do: offer her anus. Note that this scene is actually Tiffany Leiddi’s very first anal scene on screen. This is a nice gift that would be difficult to refuse.

Tonight, Tiffany Tatum and Ricky Mancini have a date with a stranger. Among the two contenders for this very special evening, Rico Simmons was chosen. For Tiffany, the only condition is that the man be open to a threesome that the couple can film to keep a memory of this first experience. Very enterprising, Tiffany wasted no time in offering herself entirely to the two men, for her own pleasure. This evening will certainly be the start of a long series during which the couple will discover new sensations.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day as it should be, the pretty brunette Aya Benetti has reserved a surprise for her husband Rayan. She invited Cléa Gaultier for dinner but the young man did not realize for a moment that the dessert could raise the temperature by several degrees. After letting the two women play with each other, Rayan joins them for a long time of sex and pleasure that neither of them will soon forget

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