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40 ans, Bourgeoises 100% Volages

2017 720p 01:24:05 248

Philippe Soine has two passions in life: kissing women, both young and more experienced, and filming his sexual encounters. In this new part of his perverse adventures "made in Belgium", he made an appointment with three bourgeois women with exacerbated libido.
He first meets Babe Fleur, a busty MILF on a street corner. Dressed in her sexiest lingerie, she is only waiting for one thing, for Philippe to fuck her right. Although it's late, he can't resist the call to sex and brutally sodomizes her in her home.
Lana Vegas, a pretty, mature blonde, is a photo model in her spare time. Knowing Philippe's tastes, she knows that her sexy shoot will end with a good part of fucking and a formal sodomy. She was not mistaken ...
Teresa wants to be fucked by Philippe so badly that she waits patiently in front of her house, without panties and her thighs wide apart. She's so horny that the planned photoshoot turns into a straightforward, no-frills fuck. All Teresa wanted was to take a good, hard cock in her ass… and that was exactly what she got.

Director: Philippe Soine

Genre: Anal, Big Tits, Blowjob, Gonzo, Lingerie, MILF, POV

Cast: Babe Fleur, Lana Vegas, Teresa Dumore


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