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Fick Meine Freundin Teil 2
Fick Meine Freundin Teil 2

Ronnie and Eddie are best buddies and really share everything – their friends and girls also play along. The appeal of the forbidden turns everyone on. While Biggi, Ronnie’s fiance, inhales Eddie’s huge dick in the laundry room, Jessica, Eddie’s completely nasty friend, rides Ronnie’s stiff-blown cream dispenser.
Fickfrosch Frizzi, 19, and her boyfriend Alfons have rented a finca in Ibiza where smoking is strictly prohibited. When Stefan, a beer-bellied greasy rag, but owner of the finca, catches the horny blonde smoking on the terrace, he demands 500 euros in damages from the couple in love. Alternatively, Frizzi could pay the debt in kind. As slender as bread but as horny as pork brawn, the slender banging mouse, in the presence of her friend, sets about the gnarled hanger of the devious house owner.
Lust slave Betty likes perverse sex games and is available for every mess. Fucked to operating temperature by a sex machine, the slut goes to the laundry in the presence of her partner, his best buddy, deep-throates his oversized ass root, can be nudged hard and collects two generous portions of sperm for dessert.

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