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Fick meine Freundin
Fick meine Freundin

Busty Mandy, 42, sends her husband Stefan to the supermarket to do his best friend Robert’s laundry in the meantime. What Robert doesn’t know – Stefan secretly watches his buddy fuck his wife straight and thread.
Mark and Eddie shared everything when they were at school. In order to revive his current relationship, he invites his boyfriend and suggests to fuck his boyfriend Lulu. She is currently basking naked in the sun and is not averse to sexual variety. After a short fight, the two fall upon each other like animals. Lulu celebrates multiple orgasms with the new partner and Eddie sprinkles half a liter of sperm on the miniature tits after the hot number.
Artist bride Melissa, a tattooed, shaved shaggy frog with a braid and beautiful, plump natural pugs, goes on tour with her fiance’s best friend Holger. Since Schweren√∂ter Holger attacked Jungle’s girlfriend Biggi 3 months ago, the Buddies agree that Jungle now has one shot free.
Conny and Mark have also had good experiences with partner swapping in the past. Since Conny’s new flame Marina, a razor-sharp blonde with mega horny paradise apples, is sexually insatiable, nothing stands in the way of the woman exchange and the dear Conny also satisfies his secret voyeur cravings by watching.

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