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Couple libertin
Couple libertin

3 real naughty libertine couples who decides to make a video x and place a classified ad for their research at the same time … Carole and Olivier, pretty couple from the Paris region, Carole 35 years old saleswoman and Olivier 40 years old works in the estate, they met in a speed dating evening … Swany and Jc, magnificent libertine couple 26 and 35 years old, Mr and black of Guyanese origin, madam and blonde … they come under our camera to look for women, couples or single man … they simply want to have fun, madam and plug in footjob (her kif jerking off with her feet) … Beatrice and Tonio, pretty libertine couple 43 and 45 years old, they met in libertine evening, 7 years that they are in a couple, they come to make an advertisement in front of our camera to find couples from 20 to 60 years or even more lol, it just specifies that they are swingers and not melangists.

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