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Caught Fapping
Caught Fapping

Johnny The Kid has the hots for his friend’s mom. When he arrives at his friend’s house to return some things and she answers the door, he’s secretly hoping for some alone time with her. He’s out of luck, though, because as cute as she thinks he is, his friend’s mom is just not interested. Not to be deterred, Johnny asks if he can use the bathroom before he heads out. She allows it and asks that he locks up behind him since she has to run! After the hot mama leaves, Johnny sneaks around and finds one of her bras. He takes it with him to the bathroom and excitedly rubs one out, unable to contain his lust for her any longer. Unbeknownst to him, Vienna Black, her daughter, comes across him and stops right outside the door. Vienna is shocked at first until she hears Johnny dirty talking. She can’t help but get turned on by his naughty words and soon finds herself masturbating just outside the door. Although she was never into him, she likes all the things he says he’d do to her… until she learns that he’s talking about her mom!! Angry, Vienna confronts Johnny, although he’s not ashamed at all about being caught. It’s not HIS fault Vienna’s mom is hot! Disgusted, Vienna threatens to tell her mom about Johnny jerking off in their bathroom to her bra. Johnny gets worried, not wanting to ruin his chances with her. Vienna insists that if he has sex with her to finish what he started, then maybe she won’t say anything. Even though Johnny prefers cougars, he can’t pass up the opportunity! Vienna starts things off with a blowjob, eager to have something other than her own fingers inside her pussy. It’s not long before she bends over the bathroom counter and her wish comes true as Johnny sinks his cock into her. But will Johnny change his ways or will he go right back to lusting for her mom??

Chloe Temple is babysitting when her boyfriend calls her. She’s lonely for his attention, having not seen him for a few days, so when he initiates some phone sex, she’s onboard! Since the kids are taking a nap, she’s eager to have some alone time however she can get it. Although she’s a little nervous, Chloe soon makes herself comfortable on the couch. As they have phone sex, Chloe fingers herself, losing herself in the moment. She’s so caught up in masturbating that she doesn’t notice that she’s been caught in the act by Oliver Flynn! When he finally makes himself known, she’s startled, quickly hanging up on her boyfriend and demanding to know who he is. She learns that Oliver is the older brother of the kids she’s babysitting. He’s back from college to surprise his parents, but it looks like HE’S the one being surprised! When Chloe tries to explain to him that she’s just lonely for her boyfriend, he’s unimpressed and mocks her. She’s willing to risk her reputation and job for some highschool crush? Chloe defends their love but becomes nervous when Oliver says that he won’t tell his parents IF she has sex with him. Although Chloe cares about her boyfriend, she doesn’t want to get caught, so she plays along. But as Oliver encourages Chloe onto her hands and knees, and sinks into her pussy from behind, Chloe gets another phone call from her boyfriend.

Kali Roses is enjoying a nice, hot shower — and some precious alone time! As she washes her body, beautifully adorned with tattoos and piercings, she fingers herself. As she gives herself some much-needed solo lovin’, she’s lost in the steamy moment… until her step-brother, Tony Moves, accidentally walks in. Although he’s caught Kali in the middle of masturbating, Tony is more distracted by Kali’s tattoos and piercings than where her fingers were just moments earlier. It’s just that Kali is this perfect little angel in their parents’ eyes, so he’s kind of excited to have some dirt on her. There’s no way their parents approved of her getting body art! Kali is wary, not wanting her secret to get out. But when Tony says that she’ll have to do something for him to keep the secret, she’s even MORE wary. Once she finds out that he wants sex in exchange for his silence, she’s stunned. She tries to argue with him, but knows that she doesn’t have enough on him in return. Finally, she begrudgingly agrees to let her brother have some fun with her. When Tony climbs into the shower, she gets down on her knees and sucks his cock to get him ready. When he returns the favor and eats out her pussy, she starts to get more onboard with the tryst. By the time he turns her around against the shower and sinks his cock into her pussy, Kali is ready! Although Tony’s a bit of a jerk, this is turning out to be more fun than she thought! Will Tony now have a newfound appreciation for body art?

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